Best 5 Word Games for Kids

Kids love to play games. The best word games you should know to improve child’s vocabulary ,language and word ability are:


Boggle:This game has a square container with 25 cubes, each with single letter on all its six corners. This game is played by shaking the cubes to form words. Whenever these cubes are shaken a different order is formed in a container. Kids need to frame as many words possible from the set of 25 letters as seen in the container. Longer words would reward more points for this and those kids who score the highest marks would be the winner.


Quiddler:The game contains 103 cards with the letter, an image and number to represent the value of a point for letters on every card. Cards are shuffled before playing; Every player must have two cards in hand and remaining must be kept as a draw pile. This is played in a clockwise direction starting from the first player on the left who would draw a topcard from the pile and discard one during each turn until a word is formed from the cards held. The player to have all letters that can form a word would place them on the table first. Each card can be used only once, while the remaining players must continue playing taking one last turn to draw a card and finish by placing all cards to form a word. Player with the maximum points will be the winner.


Scrabble:This is a two-sided game board with 101 letter tiles and 44 scoring chips. Each player must lay two tiles for matching letters on board and draw two tiles back to the lined chips. The first player can choose to place on first two letters of the board or on first two letters of 2 separate words. Likewise other players can put one tile on the first letter of the word on board or use to place on next letter which is open and been started during the play. The game would end when all tiles are placedand for every word, the player has to pick chips so the one with highest scoring chips will be the winner.


I Spy:This can be played at home or outside using objects or as a card game. The player has to choose any object visible at a distance, let’s say a banana, then make that object and say it loud as “I spy with my little eye something starting with B” so that the kids must guess the word starting with that letter. The game ends when the child guesses the word correctly with more points.


Call My Bluff:This word game is played by dividing kids into two teams and provide a word list which they need to figure out atleast 3 definitions for the word. So the other team must guess the right meaning to win else the opponent gets the point to bluff.

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